Slow SSD perfomance with ESXi 6.5 and older AHCI controllers

ESXi 6.5 includes a new native driver (vmw_ahci) for SATA AHCI controllers, but that introduces performance problems with a lot of controllers and/or disks.

Try to disable the native driver and revert to the older sata-ahci driver by running

Reboot the server after changing it and your performance should be OK again.

Determine the NIC firmware and driver version for ESXi 5.5

In ESXi 5.1 you could use the command ethtool -i vmnicX to get the firmware and driver version for the Network interface card. In 5.5 you get an error: Can not get control fd: No such file or directory.


To get the firmware and driver version use the following command in 5.5:

To get a list of nics:

Outlook 2013 doesn’t show “New” task in taskbar

It seems to be a bug in Outlook 2013: It doesn’t show the “New email” or “New …” when you right click on the taskbar.

To solve this do the following:


  1. Unpin the Outlook 2013 icon from the Taskbar.
  2. Exit Outlook.
  3. Delete the following registry key: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Outlook\Setup
  4. Open Outlook again and re-pin the icon.


Exchange Mailbox sizes

To see the per user size sorted bij size:

To see the database size and free space within the database: