Determine the NIC firmware and driver version for ESXi 5.5

In ESXi 5.1 you could use the command ethtool -i vmnicX to get the firmware and driver version for the Network interface card. In 5.5 you get an error: Can not get control fd: No such file or directory.


To get the firmware and driver version use the following command in 5.5:

To get a list of nics:

Outlook 2013 doesn’t show “New” task in taskbar

It seems to be a bug in Outlook 2013: It doesn’t show the “New email” or “New …” when you right click on the taskbar.

To solve this do the following:


  1. Unpin the Outlook 2013 icon from the Taskbar.
  2. Exit Outlook.
  3. Delete the following registry key: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Outlook\Setup
  4. Open Outlook again and re-pin the icon.


Exchange Mailbox sizes

To see the per user size sorted bij size:

To see the database size and free space within the database:

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